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Season: Whole Year
Location: Dawei - Myeik - Kawthaung
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When you join this Dawei – Myeik – Kawthaung trip (4 days/ 3 nights Overland Safari), you will be partaking in a fun and unique experience that is unlike anything else.

In Southern Myanmar, you will discover places rich in flair and individuality, beautiful beaches and kind-hearted people in remote villages.

Simplistic culture and way of life will warm your heart.

We will take you too many places and introduce you to many different people living along the coast of the Thanintharyi Region.

Located on the Southern shores of Myanmar, this is one of the few unexplored frontiers left for you to discover.


  • Day 1: Arrival Dawei

    Your arrival in Dawei will mark the beginning of an incredible adventure in the capital of the Thanintharyi Region of Southern Myanmar. You will be transferred to your hotel from Dawei airport. Dawei is also known as Tavoy in colonial times, Dawei was one of the first cities to be settled by British traders after arriving in Myanmar after the first of three Anglo-Burmese wars. The city’s settlement by British traders gives it a long and rich history complete with beautiful architectural design reminiscent of the colonial era.

    Together with your guide, you will have the opportunity to explore Dawei. You will have the chance to stroll through the busy city markets and browse unique wares that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. As the day continues, you will wander through downtown Dawei where you will be surrounded by stunning colonial architecture reminiscent of days gone by. You will also have the chance to explore the city’s museums. Both the Shwe Taung Sar Pagoda and Paya Gyi museums offer a glimpse of the island’s rich and intriguing history.

    As evening falls, after a day spent exploring, our guide will drive you to Shwe Tharlyaung Reclining Buddha which is 74 meters long, 21 meters high and was the largest statue in Myanmar until the recent construction of Win Sein Taw Ya Buddah which is located in Mawlamyine. After visiting the reclining Buddha, you will embark on a short walk to Sapar Taung where you will be treated to stunning panoramic views of the city and surrounding area. From here, you will close off a perfect day by watching a stunning sunset.

  • Day 2: Dawei – Palaw – overland trip to Myeik

    The second day of your overland safari adventure begins in your hotel where breakfast will be served. With a delightfully full belly, you and your guide will set out on a 155 mile drive to beautiful and remote Myeik. The 8 hour drive will take you on narrow and winding roads through Myanmar’s Southern Plateau.

    Halfway between Dawei and Myeik is Palaw, where you and your guide will make a rest stop. Palaw is a small town with a simplistic and laid-back way of life that you will love.

    After your rest stop in Palaw, you and your guide will continue on to Myeik. The drive between Palaw and Myeik will take you over rolling hills and treat you to the breathtaking sight and sounds of Southern Myanmar. Your guide will stop in some beautiful and remote areas so that you can explore this virtually untouched corner of the world.

    Once you arrive in Myeik, your guide will help you check in to your hotel room where there will be refreshments for you to enjoy at the end of your exciting day.

  • Day 3: Sightseeing Myeik

    You will start the third day of your overland safari with breakfast at your hotel. From there, your guide will take you on an exciting sightseeing adventure through Myeik which is a city renowned for fishing and its many rubber plantations. Myeik has elegant wooden architecture and busy streets life. One of the delicacies that you will want to indulge in while in Myeik is dried fish which is made in the city. Myeik is also famous for Myanmar pearls harvested by the Salon or Moken people (sea gypsies).

    As you embark on your sightseeing adventure through Myeik, you will be able to explore the local fish market which is one of the largest in Myanmar. From there, you will head to the fishing wharf where ornate wooden fishing boats line the riverbanks. One of these boats will take you on a quick trip from the Jetty to Pahtaw Island to see the impressive reclining Buddha statue. You will also be able to walk up the steps on the hill on Pahtaw Island to experience an enchanting view of Myeik City and the surrounding islands.

    Later in the day, you will have the opportunity to interact with the local people at the dockyard where they spend their time building and maintaining the wooden boats which are the bread and butter of the city’s fishing industry. After visiting the dockyard, you and your guide will head back to Myeik where you will explore Thain Taw Gyi Roach which is lined with beautiful and ornate monasteries that rival the monasteries of Sagaing.

    To close out the day, your guide will take you to the main pagoda, the top of which will afford you a spectacular view as you watch the breathtaking sunset over Myeik.

  • Day 4: Departure Myeik

    The final day of your adventure will begin with breakfast at your hotel. The rest of the day will be yours to do with as you please until it is time for your departure flight to Yangon or Kawthaung.

    • Option 1: Flight back to Yangon
    • Option 2: Flight to Kawthaung and continue with an Island Safari Cruise on board M/V Sea Gipsy or border cross from Kawthaung to Ranong / Thailand
  • Please contact us for detailed pricing.
  • The itinerary is subject to changes depending on road conditions, domestic flight timing, weather conditions and availability of rooms. A supplement may occur and apply in case for changes. The regions of Southern Myanmar are still undeveloped and limited infrastructure for tourism in various ways which may affects service’s level. This tour will be new venture destinations and adventure tour. We will endeavor to obtain the best available accommodations, transport and facilities for the clients. We do request their understanding for any practical aspects which won’t reach up to expectation and for delays or changes that may occur in the itinerary. We reserve the right to change and reroute the itinerary without prior notice, due to unforeseen circumstances that may occur and arise.

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