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How to get to Mergui Archipelago

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Traveling from Yangon / Myanmar

If you are already exploring Myanmar then you simply head to the airport in Yangon and take a flight to Kawthaung. This route is serviced by all domestic airlines and there are flights operating year round. The flight consists of three short legs totaling 3 hours travel time, and plane tickets, as well as ground transfers from Kawthaung airport to the departure pier can be organised by our office. Contact our sales department for full details.

Traveling from Thailand via Ranong

To reach the Mergui Archipelago from Thailand you must cross the border at Ranong. Once you arrive you take a quick boat ride across the river to Kawthaung. Our office can organise a personal pick-up service in Ranong that will organise a boat to cross the river and help with everything related to crossing the border into Myanmar.

How to reach Ranong?

From Bangkok

From Bangkok your options are by Air, by bus or by Private car.

Flying is perhaps the most convenient option. Spending less time in transit allows more time for enjoying your holiday, and with the very reasonable ticket prices of local airlines this is a great choice. The flight takes one and a half hours from Suvarnaphumi Airport in Bangkok to Ranong, and the route is flown by Nok Air ( Visit their web sites for the latest flight schedule and ticket prices.


Another option is travelling by bus. Buses leave Bangkok’s southern terminal on a regular schedule, and you have the choice of either a VIP sleeper bus which takes 9 hours, or a regular 40 seater bus which takes 10 hours to reach Ranong. Both buses leave the terminal at around 8pm for the overnight trip.

Private car/ Mini bus

The third option is to hire a private rental car or mini bus for the trip. Vehicles are available from the airport or your hotel, however this option will be expensive unless you are travelling in a large group. The trip takes around 9 hours by car.

From Phuket or Surat Thani

If you are travelling from Phuket or Surat Thani there are no flights available, and you must reach Ranong by road. Luckily it is a short scenic drive of 3-4 hours from Surat Thani or 4-5 hours from Phuket.


Bus services leave from both Surat Thani and Phuket bus terminals often and you have the choice of VIP or regular buses.

Private car/Mini bus

As from Bangkok, private cars and mini buses are available for rental from the Airport and hotels in Phuket and Surat Thani. The shorter travel distance makes this a more viable option than from Bangkok.
The most convenient option when travelling from Phuket is to join the private bus organised by our office. This bus collects guests from various locations around the island between 6 and 6:30 am. It then makes the 4-5 hour journey, stopping for a short break, to Ranong. Once there you will be assisted with acquiring a boat trip across the river, where you will be met by our staff for the final transfer to the departure pier.