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Kawthaung – Ranong

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Kawthaung is nestled along the southernmost tip of beautiful Myanmar on Myanmar’s border with Thailand. As the starting point for many excursions into the Mergui Archipelago, this little town serves as a charming introduction to Myanmar. Kawthaung has old-world charm in spades, from its narrow winding roads to vibrant waterfront markets, a visit to Kawthaung will leave you feeling like you stepped back in time to the height of British colonialism in Southern Asia.

Called Victoria Point by the British when they landed, Kawthaung had once been a part of Siam which is modern day Thailand. The first Siamese settlements in what is present day Myanmar were located near Kawthaung and the Maliwan district. In the later part of the 19th century, Arab and Malay traders also came to Myanmar to trade and established a port on the northern side of the Kraburi estuary.

Present day Kawthaung culture is more Thai than Burmese though both cultures are evident in this region. Most of the inhabitants of this little town work as part of Ranong’s growing fishing industry, or in the booming tourist industry in Phuket. The language spoken in this area is predominantly Thai and the baht is an accepted currency. Thanks to its location on the Thailand border, Kawthaung’s residents are a delightful mix of both Burmese and Thai people.

We invite you to see and experience the wonders of Kawthaung on one of our half-day sightseeing tours which can be organized prior to your departure on one of our Island Safaris or when you arrive back in Kawthaung following an exciting Island Safari.


Located in Thailand at the northern point of the Andaman Sea, Ranong is the gateway from Thailand to Myanmar. While some visitors to this area might not be able to see past Ranong’s aging buildings and dated architecture, this area of Thailand is home to some of this regions more beautiful natural wonders.

When visiting Ranong on your way through to Myanmar and the Mergui Archipelago, you will want to be sure you check out Ranong’s natural hot springs which are among the most amazing hot springs in Thailand and Southeastern Asia. The city is also home to some stunning natural wilderness with a few national parks for you to explore. Ranong’s rainy climate also means the city is surrounded by lush green rainforest atop pristine mountains rising high into the sky.

Like Kawthaung, Ranong is a cultural melting pot of both Thai and Myanmar traditions. This area is home to both Buddhists and Muslim Thais and the impact of these religions can be seen in the buildings and architecture of the city.

Traveling to Kawthaung and Ranong

Kawthaung can be reached from Yangon by any domestic airlines during the whole year. Trip to Andaman Club Golf/Casino on Tha Htay Kyun can be organised. For flight schedules and prices, please contact our sales office. Ranong can be reached by mini bus from Surat Thani (3-4 Hours) or Phuket (4-5 Hours) or from Bangkok with the overnight air-con VIP bus (8-9 hours). There are several regular daily flights from Bangkok to Surat Thani and Phuket with Thai Air or Air Asia. For flight schedules and detailed prices, please contact our sales offices. Day trips around Ranong and the neghbouring islands Koh Chang and Koh Phayam can be organised.

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