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Mergui Archipelago

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The Mergui Archipelago consists of over 800 small islands located in southern Myanmar. This practically uninhabited wonderland greets visitors with the same pristine natural beauty that enchanted early explorers over 200 years ago. The lush tropical jungle spills down the hills of the countless islands and is separated from the sparkling azure waters by thin ribbons of beautiful white sand, broken only by ancient mangroves and mysterious sea caves. The islands are called home by many exotic species of mammals, reptiles and birds. Mouse-Deer, jungle cats, Armadillos and Monkeys can be seen frolicking in the undergrowth while Burmese pythons and monitor lizards laze in the sun. The bright blue sky teems with the spectacular colours of King Fishers, sea eagles, and rare South-eastern Hornbills.

Our island safari begins at Kawthaung, formally known as Victoria Point, which is close to the Thai border town of Ranong, about 300kms north of Phuket. Our vessel, Sea Gipsy, is the perfect platform to explore this wild paradise offering access to the pristine islands and sea caves via kayak or stand-up paddle board and with amazing coral reefs just a step away and ready to be explored. This area contains many world renowned snorkelling sites containing hard and soft corals and a huge variety of tropical fish and other marine life.

The only full time inhabitants of the area are the almost extinct Moken, or Salone People. Often called ‘Sea Gypsies’ these people live almost exclusively on their boats as they roam the bountiful tropical seas extracting the rich bounty of the sea as hunter-gatherers. You will observe their ways of life, which are in perfect harmony with their aquatic environment and remain unchanged for centuries. Experience paddling a canoe carved by hand from a single tree trunk, and observe their traditional methods of spear-fishing and collecting their foods from the sea floor.

Awaken your inner adventurer, nature lover and romantic as you delve into the heart of this secluded and untouched paradise. Cast yourself back to a time where brave souls set sail for unknown lands and discovered the most breath taking pockets of this earth, and the amazing cultures that already call these places home.


Due to the seclusion of this area there are no problems with security, allowing you to relax completely and enjoy everything the archipelago has to offer.


To keep the magic of this area alive the government requires travellers to obtain pre-approved permission to visit. We can take care of all the applications necessary, the process usually takes about 15-20 working days, depending on the availability of authorized officials, and a scanned copy of your passport is required for the application. The cost is $100 USD for Kawthaung & Environs and $150 USD for Myeik & Environs. If the trip is to go more than 5 days and 4 nights and additional fee of $20 USD per day is required.

If you wish to continue on and explore more of the area after your cruise and visit destinations such as Yangon, Myleik, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake and Putao and many others this can be arranged through our office. Due to regulation it is very important to mention this to us at the time of booking so we can organise any applicable applications and assist you with dealing with the government officials.

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