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Mergui Archipelago Videos

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Check out these amazing some video clips about travelling around Mergui Archipelago from YouTube and Vimeo channels. The travel videos will inspire you to explore the islands and cultures.

Myeik (Mergui)

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Myeik, which locals called “Bake”, the city was known as Mergui during the colonial times, Myeik is located in the extreme south of the country on a peninsula jutting out into the Andaman Sea. Myeik is the largest city in the Tanintharyi Region and this bustling town is a major...

Dawei (Tavoy)

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Dawei is the capital of Tanintharyi region and located in the Southern part of Myanmar, Dawei, was known as Tavoy during the colonial times. You can reach Dawei by air from Yangon and the flying time is about one and half hours, or by bus the trip from Yangon to Dawei will take...