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Dawei (Tavoy)

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Dawei is the capital of Tanintharyi region and located in the Southern part of Myanmar, Dawei, was known as Tavoy during the colonial times. You can reach Dawei by air from Yangon and the flying time is about one and half hours, or by bus the trip from Yangon to Dawei will take 14 hours.

Dawei is an interesting town to explore, all the old heritage and the beautiful location and it’s surroundings. we will also visit the idyllic beaches to Maungmagan, Nyaung Pyin, Nabule etc. From Dawei it is possible to drive to the remote town of Htee Kee (this over land trip takes 4 to 5 hours from Dawei), Htee Kee is the Myanmar border town where you can cross over to Phunaron (Phu Nam Ron) in Thailand, and Phu Nam Ron is the nearest small border town, which is close to the big city in Thailand called Kanchanaburi.

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